Tuesday, May 26, 2009

scarves under polo shirts.

I have been wearing ballcaps and neckties for too much of the season. it's too warm to wear a button down shirt and tie during casual dress time. So i've started wearing thin scarves under polo shirts.
I'm a big fan of the way it looks and it doesn't make me any hotter.
now you might be thinking... what sort of loser would unneccesarily wear a scarf under a shirt. well B&N Nation, here is one right here.

*pitt in cannes at the premiere of inglourious basterds(sic) wearing tom ford.
maybe i'm doing something different, maybe i look stupid, maybe i don't care. brad pitt and i will be sweet. wearing scarves under shirts... i tie it like a big four-in-hand.


  1. just b/c you're at Cannes doesn't mean you should dress like a douchebag.

    Pitt loses.

  2. I like the look so if you like it too, go for it! I wear them with my polos...except differently since I am a woman.