Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking it to the streets

Just like Michael Mcdonald and the Doobie Brothers.
A couple buddies and I are heading to Broad Ripple to see if we can photograph some sweet looking dudes or chicks for a street style section of this blog.
I'm very excited about the possibilities. To my knowledge there are zero street style blogs in Indianapolis. So this is certainly something different... lets get to it.

Some of my inspiration
The Sartorialist
Garance Dore
Stockholm Street Style
The Minneapoline - Minneapolis Street Style

I would never make fun of someone or poke at their less than awesome fashion. I'm always a HUGE fan of an sort of effort put forth. Hopefully today they'll be some masterpieces out there!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more h&m, matthew williamson

I'd like to apologize to the B&N nation for being all over Matthew Williamson's line for H&M. But I'm a huge fan and can't wait to see the whole thing. however the only stuff I can find from the wide release, has been chicks stuff.
Here are some sweet scarves from the collection to be released in all H&M stores.

Williamson really hits up peacocks for inspiration in these awesome chick shirts.

*source - caroline.

Gold Metal Stuff.

At the IMA's European Design exhibit. Tord Boontje had some awesome gilded metal around lights.

I looked into this dudes stuff and found that he designs chicks' jewelry.
Whoa, check out these sweet gold necklaces.
they are actually really cheap. all of this would cost at most 80 bucks.

The bad news is I cant find them on the internet to purchase. All sold out here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walter Knabe

I went to the Stutz Open House on Friday evening. Several Indiana artists were totally sweet especially Randall Scott Hardin and Gayla Hodson. But the one that stood out in my mind was Walter Knabe. He is a very famous wall paper designer. Yeaaaaaa that's right, I'm writing a blog post about wallpaper.
Knabe's work has been featured in tons of magazines and totally famous places.
Here are some of my favorite patterns from his online gallery.

Watch for dudes.

Dudes need watches. Some dudes don't want to spend a lot of money on a good looking watch. Like the Bell & Ross' I posted last week.
Instead check out this awesome classic from Swiss Army.

Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Men's Watch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

yeaaaaaaaa headbands

Thin headbands. I'm still a big fan.
Both of these awesome chicks were posted by Style Sightings from Coachella.

As I'm not a chick I have no idea as to the utility of wearing a headband such as these. But they look awfully sweet. And are another way of expressing yourself. I posted some pictures of my fake girlfriend Mira awhile ago and she had a sweet, thicker headband.

Spring Coats by Bill Cunningham for the New York Times.
This week's installment of On the Street by Bill Cunningham discusses chicks spring coats.
"Don't fall into the trap of being a cookie cutter, use your imagination"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

British designer Matthew Williamson released a capsule collection with H&M yesterday, April 23rd. While it is only available at a few stores nationwide, now. There will be a broader release for dudes and chicks May 7th in all H&M stores.
Here are some looks from the chicks April 23rd release, some really sweet stuff.

The unbelievable model is Daria Werbowy, soooooooooooo hot.

*click to zoom. I'm a big fan of the scarf on the head look. everywhere, just not at the beach.

--ad source-tfs.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rock Show: Lucero and Titus Andronicus

This is straight from My Old Kentucky Blog.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite songs by these artists. See you there!

lucero ta

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check this scarf out.

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Print Shawl
available in Brown for the rock bottom price of $725.

Check out how these two awesome chicks wear this sweet scarf with leather motorcycle jackets.
First is Caroline. I mentioned her blog a few days ago. I can't get enough.

Second is my fake girlfriend Mira, I haven't posted her in awhile, but don't worry baby. We're back on. She is soooooo good lookin'.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross watch company was started in 1992 by two French dudes in Switzerland. I'm a huge fan of these huge, basic, and stylish watches.

BR 01-94 46mm Orange
BR 01-92 Pink Gold and Carbon
BR 01-92 Carbon

BR 01 Tourbillion.
Tourbillion means that the watch movements are mounted in a rotating cage, as to negate the effects of gravity.
Modern implementations typically allow the tourbillon to be seen through a window in the watch face. In addition to enhancing the charm of the piece, the tourbillon can act as a second hand for some watches as it generally rotates once per minute.
here is a youtube video describing how a tourbillon works.

My favorite band and new favorite video

Many of you know that Passion Pit is my favorite band, their new album Manners is set to be released May 26th. I couldn't be more excited. I posted a streaming crappy version of the song, The Reeling. But here is the official video... just awesome stuff.

*back in business.

Vans for Spring and Summer.

Here are some awesome affordable canvas shoes to wear for the spring and summer.
I'm a huge fan of the Authentic Model. There are many color options to satisfy the prepster, hipster, emo, or skater in all of us.
Here are my two favorites, both only 42 bucks.

And here is a sweet looking pair of slip-ons, specifically the Minicheck Lining Slip-On also 42 bucks.

Check out other slip-on models here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who is La Roux?

This awesome looking ginger is the lead singer of the English duo, La Roux. So far they've dropped two hits "Quicksand" and "In for the Kill" here are both of those videos.


While I like the original songs, these three remixes really take this English synth pop duo to the next level.
La Roux - Quicksand (Mad Decent Remix) (Mad Decent is Diplo)
La Roux - In For The Kill / (The Twelves Remix)
and my favorite
La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)
*i really like this third remix. seriously you guys should download it. give it a chance. Skream is a sweet English dubstep producer.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gold Watches +

Plus what? Lots of bracelets, rings and colorful stuff.
This is from Caroline. I'm not entirely clear about her blog/site because it is in Swedish. But I'm pretty sure she's totally hot and awesome.

Caroline is really pimping out this Michael Kors watch. And for good reasons, its huge, awesome, and affordable. Here she is looking freaking great with it on.

Tallulah Morton is a ridiculously good looking Australian supermodel that has been photographed wearing tons of bracelets and painting her fingernails different colors. Really over the top stuff, but she certainly pulls it off. While I don't think many chicks in Indianapolis could really rock this sort of thing, you guys can certainly be inspired...

I appreciate her attention to detail... and I'm not the only one.
Refinery is a fan of the multi-colored nails.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spread Collars, what of them?

I'm in the mood to spread the blog out. So lets talk about some spread collars on dudes
I only have a couple spread collar shirts, but whenever I wear them I feel totally sweet. I've chosen to only use Brooks Brothers shirts to display the different collars that are readily available to every man.

Ainsley Collar, this seems like the standard in non button down collars.

a little wider - Tennis Collar.

a legit spread Hamilton Collar

what most people think of as a spread collar - English Collar

shorter version of English Collar - Londoner Collar. I don't traditionally like white collars on dress shirts but the white really illuminates the awesomeness of this collar shape.

out of control round collar - Golf Collar

Again all of these shirts are available at Brooks Brothers and would provide dudes with sweet alternatives to typical button down and non-spread collars. My favorite is the English Collar, because it is certainly different but not completely out of control. I only tie a four-in-hand, because I think its causal and shows more character than other knots. While my normal knot is thin, when wearing a spread collar, you should tie a fatter knot. Whether that be a bigger four-in-hand or maybe a double windsor. Explore different collars when buying your next dress shirt.


This is straight from the Hood Internet.

Lil Wayne and Röyksopp
A mashup of Röyksopp's Happy Up Here and Lil Wayne's Comfortable. I love the result.

This and other sweet mashup tracks are available for free download at thehoodinternet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cowboy boots: Footwear for the path to enlightenment

Guest Blogger K. Rosen tells the B&N nation about cowboy boots.
*The author's Dan Post deerskin boots, broken in almost to the point of broken down.

[ed note - this is an original, great picture and a wonderful addition to the blog]

Regardless of what you may encounter at that awesome dive bar you occasionally visit with your frat bros because it makes you feel dangerous inside, cowboy boots are not back in style. They’ve been cool ever since the mid-1800s when today’s cowboy boot was born out of earlier, yet similar, cavalry and work boots.

I’m encouraged, and you should be to, that cowboy boots haven’t been considered especially fashionable since the 1970s. Disinterest and/or malice by the general public toward anything from ideas to footwear is a positive sign. If they become popular again, I’ll continue to wear them but behave worse than usual so as to create a correlation between assholes and cowboy boots.

In 2005, GQ’s Style Guy said, “to carry off cowboy boots you should be an actual cowboy, play one on television, or subscribe enthusiastically to that sexual specialty that causes certain taverns and pubs to enforce leather or western dress codes.” Style Guy’s witty ignorance could be attributed to the fact that the column was written four years ago, as people do gain wisdom with age. But more likely, he’s just ignorant and should be kicked with a cowboy boot, which brings me to my next and most important point.

Cowboy boots are the only choice for any situation where you need to look cool, but may have to kick the shit out of a member of your least favorite subculture (I suggest hipsters, neo-hippies, yuppie scum and anybody with a faux hawk – in no particular order).

But since this is a fashion blog, I will now move on to why you should do your kicking with cowboy boots as opposed to a work boot, or God forbid, a nice slip-on dress shoe.

Like Alexander’s answer to the Gordian Knot, the answer is simple but often overlooked: Cowboy boots are aesthetically pleasing in an absolutely un-ironic way, like the leg of a beautiful woman or the sound of a Chevy 350 through dual 3-inch straight pipes with no catalytic converters.

The cowboy boot is just as God intended, with no compromises for safety or concessions to focus groups. It makes no apologies for its stacked heel, mid-calf height and fancy patterns. For these reasons the cowboy boot should be respected as a fashion survivor, as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Also, a decent cowboy boot is comfortable, kind of like a big slipper.

Beware, however, that the power of the boot should not all be exposed at once. Gentleman, I highly recommend wearing your jeans over the boots. Your jeans may crease gently on the toe of the boot, or may ride above the toe slightly; both are acceptable depending on the style of the jean.

Ladies, the artistic license granted due to your feminine nature means you may wear cowboy boots however you want.

A cowboy boot should be slim in profile with a thin leather sole. Materials and slight design variations are innumerable. I recommend brown leather or deerskin with a softer finish. You’re on your own from there.