Friday, April 3, 2009

Dangerous Looking Chicks - Alice Dellal.

Today Ballcaps and Neckties will focus on British stuff. First up is supermodel and real badass looking chick Alice Dellal. Lets be honest here, I'm really into dangerous looking chicks. But not too dangerous.
I know the immense power of this blog, therefore I should warn all you ladies not to go out and try to look exactly like Alice. But you should borrow some of her style to make yourself feel and look more dangerous.
Check her out.

I don't want to see a bunch of non dangerous chicks out there with under-cuts. But a dangerous looking ring or bracelet, a real mean looking jacket and a general f-you demeanor does wonders for looking awesome. Be careful I still want to take you home to mom and dad.
Again don't go out and get a bunch of hand tattoos, but aren't those freaking great?
Here she is at Elle UK Style Awards... check out her gloves. ooooooh man.
On the runway - fall 2009 Issa...


  1. This girl is so dangerous I got a papercut just looking at her picture online. How is that even possible?