Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gold Watches +

Plus what? Lots of bracelets, rings and colorful stuff.
This is from Caroline. I'm not entirely clear about her blog/site because it is in Swedish. But I'm pretty sure she's totally hot and awesome.

Caroline is really pimping out this Michael Kors watch. And for good reasons, its huge, awesome, and affordable. Here she is looking freaking great with it on.

Tallulah Morton is a ridiculously good looking Australian supermodel that has been photographed wearing tons of bracelets and painting her fingernails different colors. Really over the top stuff, but she certainly pulls it off. While I don't think many chicks in Indianapolis could really rock this sort of thing, you guys can certainly be inspired...

I appreciate her attention to detail... and I'm not the only one.
Refinery is a fan of the multi-colored nails.

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