Sunday, January 31, 2010

sasha pivovarova

this longchamp ad campaign is totally awesome. sasha is sooooooo good lookin'

here she is off duty... even cooler.

from altamira.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

kanye? seriously?

from purple diary.
kanye west’s jewelry and watch at Brasserie Lipp, Paris. Photo Olivier Zahm

when i first saw this... i was like "that is whack." but then i looked again. i'm not sure but i think i'm digging kanye's stuff. it might be too much, but hey this is fashion week in paris and kanye is a big time rapper.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lanvin dudes pleats.

alber and lucas made me look real stupid. honestly 20 hours after damning pleats forever i was watching this video of the lanvin mens show in paris.

these dudes put tons of pleats in the fall 2010 collection. here are some examples of awesome looks with pleats. how wrong was I?

how awesome is this jacket?


another set of street style photos with emmy from urbandelicious.
she is wearing: vest and sweater express, shorts pac sun, leggings and clutch bcbg, boots bebe, rings forever 21 bcbg and vintage.

Here is what she said about this particular look: Snake and Skulls.

"my obsession with snakes and skulls continues, and somehow i inadvertently combined about three of my faves in this outfit. i'm still torn if i am in love with the matte nailpolish (i have owned it in the glossy version for a while and wear it year round)- to me it almost looks like i dipped my nails in wall paint, but i could possibly be doing it wrong. or possibly applying it as i am running out the door, which is why i end up looking like i used a 2 year old child as a manicurist. i decided to wear my favorite boots again, which stand up surprisingly well to the slush/snow/salt/puddles that populate the area as well as carry my new favorite lucite clutch. all that aside, busy weekend where i was successfully able to avoid more football, dance party until 5am, and still fit in a completely productive work schedule."
photography by K. Rosen.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

haute couture and dudes.

the haute couture shows just started in paris. here are some awesome bubble wrap dresses from armani privé haute couture line.
karlie kloss. soooooooo hot.

here is another mens show

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday grab bag.

i've been looking for sweet vintage suits. the biggest buzzkill is when you try a jacket on... it fits great. but then you look at the pants. pleats and cuffs. as of right now i cannot see myself going back to ever wearing pleats. they just dont make sense. however these pleats are totally awesome. this photo is part of a three picture series from tommy ton of jak and jil check out the set here.

hot chip's new album one life stand gets released in a couple weeks. but i couldnt wait. this track is amazing.
hot chip - we have love.
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i have been listening to beach house for a little while. kinda of into it. here they are on jimmy fallon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

two ties and a cummerbund.

holy crap. this chick is totally awesome. these photos are from the totally sweet french blog/magazine nast.
check out what she's wearing... two ties and a cummerbund at the same time. she is so ridiculously good looking that you might have missed them but have no fear i noticed... i noticed.

g-fresh - on my momma.

indianapolis rappers. g-fresh ft. yung tone. pretty sick song. its been getting tons of radio play here.
i dont understand the song, but that is of no concern to me. "on my momma"

Thursday, January 21, 2010


some more totally awesome street style with emmy from urbandelicious.
-skull shirt h&m, cardigan banana republic, sweatshirt gap, leggings bcbg, shorts pac sun, boots sam edelman, purse cynthia rowley-

here is what she says about this look:
my favorite weekend outfit on yet another typical cold, gray january day. i have what appears to be an extreme sensitivity to cold, and yet if i get too hot you can pretty much guarantee you will hear me complain as well, so when i have a day off work i tend to throw on as many tops that will keep me warm and deconstruct from there. i guess it doesn't help that my leggings are ventilated and only serve the purpose of enhancing my outfit rather than keeping me warm. piles of shirts, piles of rings, a big cozy hat, my favorite shoes, and a purse big enough to fit anything i may accumulate during the day makes for the best weekend wardrobe.
Photography by K. Rosen.

dries fall 2010.

dries van noten. fall 2010. one of my favorite collections. here are some of the first looks that caught my eye.
sick pairings of navy blue and black.

the busted shoulder seams are a little wild but i think they are totally aweome.

sick 6 button double breasted jacket. i could do without the fringe scarf.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


B&N's favorite street style model. Emmy is a totally awesome local chick that i've had the pleasure of kicking it with. we met up in broad ripple and took some photos of her totally sweet outfit. check out her sick blog at urbandelicious. the first of many sets of emmy to come. stay tuned.

emmy is wearing: scarf alexander mcqueen, shirt and jacket express, jeans arden b, boots bebe, jewelry masha archer, forever 21, and vintage, clutch bcbg-
first time posting a clear image of myself, i'd like to apologize to the B&N nation. i'm wearing: hardwood classic by the franchise pacers hat, h&m circle scarf, burberry tie, brooks brothers shirt, zegna blazer and i made my red belt.

Here is what Emmy says about this look:
beginning the new year with my all time favorite scarf again, showing that it can be just as versatile for the winter as it is during the summer (whatever it takes to convince myself that it was a "must have" purchase). also had fun editing my usually huge luggage sized purses down to the bare essentials to fit in my lucite bcbg clutch. with all my belongings on display, i have to keep it minimalistic.
Photography by K. Rosen.

mcqueen fall 2010.

alexander mcqueen from milan. if i had to describe these looks in three words... armadillos, ninjas, and suits.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

beard of the week: Andrew Wyatt

peep his beard in this group photo of Miike Snow. he rox the vox. the swedish producers bloodshy and avant worry about everything else.

really feeling this track- Miike Snow - Silvia. i do not understand the song or video, but the overall sound is totally awesome.

if you need more face/beard time with Andrew check out the ever popular Miike Snow video Animal.

turtle necks

gucci show. look at all of these turtle necks. i dont really get it. they seem too casual. but at the same time, pretty sweet. here is a good looking turtleneck on the cheap.

some sick looks.

i love pants that button at the cuff. i talked about them at the dries ss10.

Monday, January 18, 2010


the b&n nation knows that pitti uomo is going on right now. i think that means dudes stuff in milan in english.
sick show. prada milan. fall 2010.

i always enjoy the music they play during shows. this prada show is pretty weak. but i'll show you the best.
dior homme spring summer 2009. a 15 minute track by JUSTICE. totally awesome.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

'fest and little brother.

big day for b&n. pumped. this joint is totally ill. indianapolis resident, Rhymefest and Little Brother together on an incredible track. "everybody wishes they can fly sometime."

Rhymefest and Little Brother - How High.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

t.f. ad.

sweet glasses dude. another racy tom ford ad.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

theres space for ol dat i see

everything MIA touches turns to gold. here is her new video/single. pretty ill.

you can get this track here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

trivia tuesday.

what country is highlighted? malawi
what is a collaboration between belgian dj's radioclit and esau mwamwaya? The Very Best
where was the Very Best formed? London
where is esau mwamwaya from? Lilongwe, Malawi
T/F- Lilongwe, Malawi is the capital city. True
what is the main ethnic tribe in malawi? The Bantu
what is the language of the bantu? Chichewa.
show me a picture of the album cover.

here is one sick track in chichewa. mfumu.
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and here is one in english. julia (ft. kano)
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Monday, January 11, 2010

more karlie.

sick spread. Perfect Sport featuring Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier. here is the full spread.

this whole square vibe is totally awesome.