Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest Blogger: Casual Ties.

Guest Blogger Mateo talks about his favorite casual ties.

It's Friday! This means that I will wear a more casual tie because it is what the occasion calls for.

Get excited, I know I am.

Why, is that an orange grosgrain tie with those little green army men on it? It sure is. From Hickey.
Though, Take the hint, light paisleys or floral patterns on a thinish tie look great.You should wear one.

This tie from RalphLauren is a little too garishly floral for me, but It's got nice contrast and it is linen, which will set it apart.

Though, I'll probably just go with one of my standard brightly colored striped ties that I never wear to work... unless it's Friday.

chicks + bikes = awesome.

chicks on bikes are totally sweet. these chicks off their bikes might be pretty cool. but on the bike yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
found these images on garance dore and the sartorialist.

i really like this chick's scarf and jhorts. and when riding a bike oooooh man she looks so much sweeter.

this picture is just perfect.

look at these awesome kids doing awesome italian kid stuff. which one is the coolest? duh. the chick on the bike.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i've posted a video from NASA before, NASA is an acronym for North America South America. Not the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. regardless. NASA consists of two sweet dudes and their music is pretty awesome. and was given a terrible review by pitchfork. I hate pitchfork sooooo much.
here is Whachadoin? ft. MIA, Spank Rock, Santigold, and Nick Zinner. 

i wanna give you a buzz cut

rihanna is soooooooo cool. she is so popular but at the same time very cutting edge.
check her out here with an Alexander McQueen jumpsuit, lace gloves, and Maison Martin Margela shoes. and tooooons of pearls that look great. seriously take note chicks. black sleek and awesome.
i've talked about undercut before. and she has a messy mohawk like the chick here.

you can gain a greater appreciation of her hair when it is less styled, but just as sweet.

you ask what has rihanna been up to?
well here is a new track with jay z and kanye. Run this town. check it out.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Street Style!

This is Austin.

Austin is wearing a Pearl Snap Wrangler Shirt. DIY cut off jhorts. and White Vans.
these pictures were taken a few months ago. and hopefully Austin has the same awesome personal style.
he works as a part time bike messenger and part time at luna music. I like his attention to detail with his knit hat and his rubber band.
Austin and I are big fans of Slam X Hype. A sweet fashion/music/design blog.

I like to ask for the song of the moment. As this was a few months ago I'm sure his song has changed. I'll assume its this new sweet video from Ya La Tengo - here to fall. I'll also assume that he loves sky writing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

beard of the week caleb followill

this dude is part of kings of leon. they've exploded on the scene recently. and i still like them... i know strange. lead singer caleb has a righteous neckbeard but i had a tough time finding a good picture of said neckbeard. you can check out the video. tons of tight neckbeard shots.
Kings of Leon - Notion

Friday, July 24, 2009

umm yea. catherine mcneil.

catherine mcneil for Numero 105. she is a totally sweet australian model. sometimes i see editorials and i'm like whoa that is awesome. this is one of those times. "just for one day" by Greg Kadel.

i like everything about every one of these pictures. big bracelets, awesome vintage boots, sweet jil sander black and white dress. catherine is soooooooooo hot.
*i wanted to post her from vogue germany august 2009 but it is waaaaaaay to racy for B&N. if you want to see some awesome cutting edge stuff that is not safe for work. check out this.
source - tfs.

i'm not one to criticize but......

when i heard alexander wang was coming out with a mens line. i was like yeaaaaaaaaaaa this is going to be sweet.
and then today i saw the outcome/sneak peak. what the crap? i thought the stuff was going to be totally awesome, but this is such a disappointment. khaki shorts and modified skater shoes. come on bro.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

vogue paris august.

this spread from vogue paris from august by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin has been showing up everywhere.
probably because it is so awesome. here are the original scans I decided to pick my two favorite ones.
this one from givenchy blows me away. the chains, the big shoulder, the one long sleeve. and the scarf over the head. just awesome.

i'm of course a huge balmain fan. i recently bought an ugly balmain tie just because of the name on the back. i'll hold onto it and maybe it will come back around.

yes i said two favorite. I added this one because the socks under the shoes looks awesome.

source -tfs

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bill cunningham + B&N's girlfriend.

this week with bill cunningham he talks about the revival of the panama hats. here is B&N's fake girlfriend Mira with a sweet one on.

I already posted this picture of Mira, but the policy of B&N is all Mira all the time.
see here is another picture of her. Does it apply to this Bill Cunningham post? No but she looks awesome.

jonsi and alex

Jonsi and Alex are totally partners. prior to this Alex had done all the artwork and stuff for Sigur Ros. But now they've teamed up for a totally sweet album. "The result is Riceboy Sleeps – a gorgeous and intoxicating 68-minute instrumental album. The record is played solely on acoustic instruments in Iceland, with appearances by amiina and the Kópavogsdætur choir."
here are all of the tracks from riceboy sleeps.

here is a video about riceboy sleeps.

hit the decks with rudy kizer.

indianapolis radio yeaaaaaaaaa yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I had the pleasure of listening to "hit the decks."

Self described as ""Hit The Decks" is a radio show broadcast on WRZX (X103) in Indianapolis. From house to hip hop, electro to drum and bass, and everything in between."
Very cool music and something that does not get airplay in indianapolis. i've started getting into electronic music and this is a great venue to expand my horizons.
The last song played was an attempted cross over song. And i think it works.
Check out Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Enigma Remix)
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i know the B&N Nation will be like ooooh Imogen Heap, barf. And Hide and Seek, double barf. But simply give it a chance. and expand your electronic music horizons. check out a previously posted guide to electronic music. Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

paris fashion week street style.

I forgot how awesome this chick was. posted on the Sartorialist March 2009. I downloaded it and thought geesh that is awesome! but i never posted it. There is really no explanation needed. She is wearing an awesome dress, scarf, jacket and boots. All black with a splash of brilliant color. really sweet stuff.

Monday, July 20, 2009


i'm pretty sure this video and song are awesome.
Kid Cudi - Make Her Say (ft. Common and Kanye)

from kanye's blog.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

passion pit

new passion pit video. totally sweet.

Passion Pit | To Kingdom Come from EFFIN' MEGA VIDEOS on Vimeo.

found this at passion pit's twitter linked to stereogum.

Friday, July 17, 2009

is that ashley or mary kate?

is that jacket serious? oooooooh man it is soooooooo awesome. the huge, oversized pyramids studs look different, but i think different in a great way. she looks a little "tired" or something. but don't judge her just check out her sweet jacket.
from olsen's anonymous

Street Style!

D.H. Strother

*you might recognize D.H. from the ripple bagel deli.
Describe what you are wearing - Jeans and a Hoodie. H&M hooded sweatshirt given to him by a friend adorned with Punk Band Patches and Buttons. Vans and Wayfarers.
Where do you go for fashion advice? - umm nowhere but i guess peers
What about awesome fashion website? - What? fashion website are lame.
Best advice you've ever given - Get it where you can.
Next big thing in fashion - Overalls.
Where can you find an awesome dude such as D.H.? well he's putting on a concert tonight at the 1511 house. Located funny enough at 1511 east 49th street. B&N will be in attendance.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

more unbelievable chicks from stockholm

This probably the coolest looking chick i've ever seen. Eddie from StyleSightings posted pictures of her from Stockholm. Not only is she absolutely beautiful her billowy sleeves and sunglasses are totally awesome.

Beirut vs. Beirutando.

Who does it better? Beirut is one of my favorite bands, I've posted about them multiple times on B&N, because they are that awesome. I was just scanning around for some new Beirut news. and ran across this Brazilian Beirut cover band named Beirutando. I've put them head to head because i think this is so cool.
BEIRUT - Cliquot - From the Flying Club Cup (this is from the La Blogotheque series. Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste)

Beirutando - Cliquot, versão baião - São Paulo

the antlers

The Antlers
This Brooklyn based band is totally awesome. Here they are performing Two. The picture is sometimes grainy but the sound quality is pretty good.

I checked these guys out at the Vollrath last night. Before going, i thought "hey i like to check out live music. lets party" i had heard a couple of their songs and thought it could be cool. i have to say that i was blown away by how awesome the show was. my mind was so blown that i didn't know what to do. so i bought a totally sweet t-shirt.
hometown blog My Old Kentucky Blog Interviewed Peter Silberman.
Their album Hospice has been getting tons of heat. I'm hoping that they explode. check them out, B&N Nation.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

leggings duh.

this is from Gademode. an awesome street blog from Copenhagen. I've seen this look a ton of times before but this chick totally stood out in my mind. I think it is the bright reflection in her sunglasses.
i took the time to translate the explanation of this outfit... ummm you're welcome... "The dense, black rock Chick-looks are softened by the careless, hair undulated, and the overall impression becomes feminine as well as raw."

Take a page from my fake girlfriend Mira's playbook.

*this is an old picture, trust me she was right on the cutting edge with the Balmain jacket.

while some may think these leggings are too edgy and weird. i think they're totally awesome.
here are some options. zipper on the back of leg.
responsible nylon moderately wet look from nordstrom.
stirrup leg
awesome. fendi leather leggings.
tons of leggings are available here.

belted suits by raf simons.

raf simons spring summer 2010.
lots of belts. but i think they look sweet. extra belts around the chest look rugged (like i'm on safari or something) and also slimming.
I understand that dudes will certainly be hesitant to wear belts on the outside of suits but this is something different and awesome looking.

the cloth belt appears to be built into the jacket. I think this looks very sweet.

a triple belted trench coat? this is certainly not the executive. holding up the sleeves with belts. i never even though of something like this.

source -

daniel merriweather.

Daniel Merriweather - Change (ft Wale) on jimmy fallon last night.

this song is awesome i'm also a huge fan of the Gigamesh Remix. Give a listen.
Daniel Merriweather - Change (ft. Wale) Gigamesh Remix.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lanvin dudes spring 2010.

check out these sweet looks
Suit with a visor? why not.  sweet suit. 
i like the casualness of the knot. tiny and down from the collar. very different than most men would feel comfortable with. the pencil thin mustache must have been inspired by John Dillinger, don't think i know many individuals who could seriously pull this off.

casually wearing dress pants and tie. very awesome look. I like the pushed up sleeves of the sweater and the rolled up dress shirt sleeves over the top. you need to watch out. i did this with some of my favorite sweaters and now the arms are all puffy. so try this look with a sweater you dont really care about. 

again i'm not sure about the visor. but still love the details in the tie. tiny knot and off center. this was not a mistake. 
sandals with socks and a suit? well how about that. 

sources - and wwd.

kate lanphear

This is from the Refinery. A great fashion blog. They made an awesome flow chart. "how to get on the sartoralist."

click on it to zoom. pretty funny.
the chart starts off asking if you're a women if you are kate lanphear.
well here is kate lanphear. understandably the sartorialist wants to take her picture.

I find these photos from street peeper to really capture her style for inspiration in the near future.
big fan of everything she is wearing. take special note of her huge t-shirt, lots of bracelets, tight jeans and mean looking shoes.
pairing navy blue with black is soooooooooo awesome.

here she is showing off her awesome bracelet combo. seriously chicks take notes.