Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beirut vs. Beirutando.

Who does it better? Beirut is one of my favorite bands, I've posted about them multiple times on B&N, because they are that awesome. I was just scanning around for some new Beirut news. and ran across this Brazilian Beirut cover band named Beirutando. I've put them head to head because i think this is so cool.
BEIRUT - Cliquot - From the Flying Club Cup (this is from the La Blogotheque series. Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste)

Beirutando - Cliquot, versão baião - São Paulo


  1. Un blog solo de Beirut!

    Lima Peru.

  2. Hi! 'Beiutando na Praça' is a project to unite brazilian fans of Beirut that get together to play their songs... It's really cool and happening in 3 cities at the same time! On august 30 they will play simultaneously in public places...

    Check it out!

    And the Cliquot version is great! :)