Wednesday, July 15, 2009

leggings duh.

this is from Gademode. an awesome street blog from Copenhagen. I've seen this look a ton of times before but this chick totally stood out in my mind. I think it is the bright reflection in her sunglasses.
i took the time to translate the explanation of this outfit... ummm you're welcome... "The dense, black rock Chick-looks are softened by the careless, hair undulated, and the overall impression becomes feminine as well as raw."

Take a page from my fake girlfriend Mira's playbook.

*this is an old picture, trust me she was right on the cutting edge with the Balmain jacket.

while some may think these leggings are too edgy and weird. i think they're totally awesome.
here are some options. zipper on the back of leg.
responsible nylon moderately wet look from nordstrom.
stirrup leg
awesome. fendi leather leggings.
tons of leggings are available here.

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  1. i am in love in your jacket..:(