Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guest Blogger: shirts and ties.

Guest Blogger Mateo proposes a rule for dudes to decide what ties go with what shirts -

There are millions of people who say millions of things about ties and shirts.

I present a simple formula.

The simpler the shirt, the more intricate the tie. The more intricate shirt, the simpler tie.

Let's take a look.

Simple spread collar. Pretty crazy tie.

A little more going on in the shirt, a little less going on in the tie.

A little more going on in the shirt, a little less in the tie.

This is a loose rule with serious exceptions - white shirt, skinny black tie, and about a hundred others. Just try to think about it for a moment before you put it on.

photo cred- Charles Tyrwhitt.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Bat for Lashes.

I seriously love this chick. previous post about her being on letterman. In that episode she performed "Daniel" which was based on Daniel LaRusso. yeaaaaaa thats right from the Karate Kid.
This song and video are pretty awesome check them out.
Bat for Lashes - Pearl's Dream
Bat For Lashes - "Pearl's Dream"

you're sooooooooo good lookin'

From Elle June 2009
Unreal, Megan Fox is so awesome. She is totally hot and looks a bit dangerous. wearing four perfect dresses.
Here is Alexander Wang, this dress has been everywhere and still blows me away. here is kanye's girlfriend amber rose wearing it, from jak and jil.

Versace - looks like a very classic dress, but with the low cut bust line, sweet belt and her awesome tats this look is great. classic but edgy.

Narciso Rodriguez. This is a bit racy for my blog. But I love the cut and one extremely long sleeve.
He is the cuban-american designer that Michelle Obama wore on election night.

The alternate cover.

I love her piercing eyes and ink. "we will all laugh at gilded butterflies"
a gilded butterfly is beautiful but can't fly, therefore is trapped. I wonder if she thinks she is trapped by her beauty. if that is the case, that doesn't make a lick of sense.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


i love everything about this picture.
how coy she is, her thick rings, her blue fingernails, her off the shoulder shirt - looks like an accident but is perfectly in place.
But i want to focus on one thing or things. Her bracelets.
seriously how cool does she look? I think the black portion of her bracelets are the rubber ones this awesome chick (below) is wearing. I love the magnitude and how tough it looks on her arm.

are part of an urban outfitters sale for $2.99.
cred - cropped cobrasnake and dropsnap.

townes van zandt.

i've been making fun of my buddy for liking country music. but its very clear that i just don't understand it. some of my facorite musicans are bob dylan, woody gutherie and johnny cash. but they aren't like the typical country guys of today.
neither is this man, townes van zandt. an amazing songwriter with a cult following. i was introduced to his work when steve earle released a album of covers.
There was a critically acclaimed documentary based upon his turbulent life. we're talking like a 93% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. Here is the trailer.

My favorites.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tag Heuer Monaco.

The Heuer Monaco watch was introduced in 1969 in honor of the Monaco Grand Prix. And in honor of this year's GP I made this blog post. This awesome watch was popularized in 1971 when Indianapolis native Steve McQueen wore it in Le Mans, the movie.
The Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph was revolutionary for being the first automatic chronograph in a square case.

and tag has updated the Monaco Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph and released a new version recently.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

scarves under polo shirts.

I have been wearing ballcaps and neckties for too much of the season. it's too warm to wear a button down shirt and tie during casual dress time. So i've started wearing thin scarves under polo shirts.
I'm a big fan of the way it looks and it doesn't make me any hotter.
now you might be thinking... what sort of loser would unneccesarily wear a scarf under a shirt. well B&N Nation, here is one right here.

*pitt in cannes at the premiere of inglourious basterds(sic) wearing tom ford.
maybe i'm doing something different, maybe i look stupid, maybe i don't care. brad pitt and i will be sweet. wearing scarves under shirts... i tie it like a big four-in-hand.

menswear by b. cunningham.

this awesome picture is from jak and jil. it is of Bill Cunningham on the street, in New York, photographing a sweet hooded coat.
This week's edition of on the street is perfect. He discusses what is happening with menswear. "as much as we think it changes, it really [moves at a] snail's pace compared to women." Three things he focuses on today - taking chances, pocket squares, and rolled up jeans with no socks. Bill must read B&N.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alexander Wang for Gap.

Alexander Wang is totally awesome. here is a photo tour of his office, by the selby.
and he's releasing a line of chick's stuff for Gap. Looks to be very khaki but good. Here are some of my favorite pieces. The khaki motorcycle jacket is real sweet.

chicks + hats like this = great.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nicholas Kirkwood.

Nicholas Kirkwood.
a sweet English shoe designer.
These are the first ones that caught my eye. last year on Jak and Jil. I really like the cut out on the platform that exaggerates the space under the shoe.

Now lets check out some from this season. Whooooooa these guys are wild. And for the low low price of 500 euros here.

These are my favorite shoes ever. Let me tell you why the name of the shoes.

What up chicks. How about you try to look like a supermodel.

smokey or smoked eyes.

Seriously this is a very easy step by step tutorial about how to make this awesome look happen. With this being said, I have no idea about make-up nor do I care to learn. But I thought this looked sweet and wanted to share it with it the B&N Nation.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

awesome swedish chick

I don't know how this guy does it. StockholmStreetStyle is soooooo sweet. This chick is one of my favorites I've seen recently.
S/he must make appointments. Have the subjects dress up and meet up in sweet locations. Or maybe Stockholm is just full of these type of people. I'd be more inclined to believe the former and not the latter.
Regardless, lets talk about this chick. I love everything about this outfit. The ripped pants, the long t-shirt, the cropped leather jacket, the sweet sandals, and the leather hand band really caught my eye. That is very cool.

Her face looks a little weird from her smile and big glasses. But then she takes her sunglasses off. oooooooh man, hey good looking.

Speaking of awesome Swedish chicks check out Robyn and Royksopp's newest video.

*i understand i've been posting too much music recently. this will soon stop. my apologies to the B&N Nation.


Kickdrums is comprised of singer/songwriter/producer Alex Fitts (Fitts) and dj/producer Matt Penttila (Tilla). After producing and officially remixing for artists such as 50 Cent, Jay Z, Adelle, Kanye, Kid Cudi, and many others, Kickdrums re-emerge with a new original sound all their own in their debut album "Just a Game."
You can download their awesome mixtape for free from their myspace music page.
This is the newest released mixtape - Smash the System - I love this cover, it is inspired by Banksy's girl with balloon.

And their newest single/video. Awesome stuff check it out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Music Video
I love this song. White Rabbits performed this same song on Letterman a few days ago... that performance is available here courtesy of My Old Kentucky Blog.

Beard of the Week: Waris Ahluwalia

This awesomely bearded gentleman is Waris Ahluwalia. His two professions are acting in Wes Anderson movies, Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou and The Darjeeling Limited, and designing jewelry. His line is called House of Waris.
Here is his beard with some of his 3 finger ring designs.
Waris is scolding the Whitman brothers on the Darjeeling Limited.
Forget Cate Blanchett. Check out his pieces of jewelry. It's very difficult to find pictures of his work, but I think that makes it cooler.
sweet bird necklace thing.

The more you know. economic indicator.

Financial magazine says not to buy designer handbags this season.
this week's issue of Fortune (the 25th) had a very interesting piece on designer handbags. As I've said before I have no idea about purses, nor do I care to learn. But this article is really a status of the economy through an indicator, haute couture handbags.

Here is what they say. Prices for spring and summer lines have fallen 20% from last year. But you shouldn't assume you're getting more for less. Labels are nipping and tucking to find ways to remove costs.

Fortune says these are the areas of concern:
Design - Far fewer bells and whistles. More muted and simpler designs.
Fabric - Designers are using much more nylon.
Hardware - On some new bags, expensive gold and silver clasps are being replaced by leather closures.
Zippers - Some are using cheaper zippers made in Hong Kong instead in lieu of pricier hand polished Italian versions.

*personal thoughts - You shouldn't be buying awesome stuff for the label but for the way it looks and the quality construction. There is no reason to spend a little less for an inferior good, unless you are just buying it for the tag on the inside. Save your money this season and then get after one down the line when the handbag and designer are of the upmost quality.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coldplay - Left Right Left Right Left.

my friend Haadrick Mootizeous recently said, "when did liking coldplay become lame?"
I just laughed and said "oooooooh Haadrick, coldplay. you should know better. they are terrible."
But in reality, I have all their albums and if they came out with a new one I'd probably check it out... embarrassing I know. But what of it?
They have released a FREE Live EP. Supposedly they've been passing it out at recent concerts. But Coldplay has put it on their website HERE.
this is completely legit and pretty sweet I've given the tracks a listen.
and B&N Nation- lets keep this whole secret of liking Coldplay to ourselves. shhhhhhhhh

anna wintour

Every Sunday I dvr 60 minutes and watch intently, but I've been pretty busy recently. So I just caught up with my dvr box today.
Morley Safer interviewed Anna Wintour. She is the editor of American Vogue. The preeminent fashion magazine in the world. I like Paris Vogue too but my french isnt up to snuff. Morley focused the piece on two things, one she is very important to the entire fashion industry and two, she is a huge bitch.
So check it out... Anna on 60 minutes.

*resized from kanye's blog

whoaaa chicks

Dear Nation,
What did I say? Looking like a dangerous chick is the next wave.
Look at a few of the things from H&M's chick line from fall 09.
These images were posted by Caroline, soooooooo awesome. She apparently has the total hookup at H&M and she personally went through the Fall 2009 stuff (her hand).
Military style jacket, leather glove and mean looking shoe.

studded leather jacket. i like the shoulders and sleeves.

very dangerous metal bracelet. makes me nervous just looking at it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

dude's H&M fall 09

I realize that I post of lot of H&M stuff. Well allow me to explain. I like to see my clothes before I buy them and I hate spending tons of money. Boom H&M is perfect for cheap, sweet, fashion forward clothes for dudes in Indianapolis. I was a little frustrated recently when I went to buy some stuff from the Matthew Williamson for H&M line. Both Indianapolis stores only got 50% of the second release and none of the first release. With no American Apparel I guess we're lucky to have even one H&M store. But commmmmme on. *and you can't buy H&M stuff online.
Lets look at the sweet stuff being released for the fall. Maybe Indianapolis can get some of it.
Awesome slim tie. I've been hunting at thrift stores and my father's closet for vintage slim ties. Best find so far - YSL 89 cent special at Value World Fountain Square.

Military Jackets for chicks are really cool. And this dude looks sweet too. Not sure if I could pull this off. But I might try.
Slim tie, matching sweater and scarf under a different looking suit = really sweet.
I like the flannel tie outside of the v-neck sweater. I might try this.

all photos from

Opera. Das Rheingold.

Indianapolis Opera closed this season with a performance of Das Rheingold in conjunction with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Totally awesome but not a really packed house. I don't know why.
I had read a little bit about what was going to happen before going
Let me explain the Prelude.
In music, a drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all of a piece, sustained or repeated, and most often establishing a tonality upon which the rest of the piece is built.*straight from wikipedia.
This is the best example of drone music in concert repertory. I'll set the scene here. The scene fades in and then heads underwater where three chicks are guarding this magical gold. Just beautiful. check it out.
*just music and this picture. no actual video.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday yea yeaaaaaa.

On the Street with Bill Cunningham this week is all about Azzedine Alaia. And the awesome swoosh skirts that he pioneered.
He tells the B&N Nation that Alaia is the last of the great couturiers. I'm not too familiar with his work, but I've recently seen some sweet shoes.
ANDDDDDD BILL even posted a picture of my girlfriend Mira, wearing this coat. I actually already posted this picture here. But more Mira never hurt anyone.

sorry Bill but this is a better picture.

On a completely unrelated note. *but related to my recent spike bracelet post.
Check out this awesome picture. Specifically the sweet bracelet. This Isabeli Fontana’s May cover of L’Officiel Brazil.

source - fashiongonerogue.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Street Style!

Elaine from Rag - O - Rama

Describe what you're wearing - Vintage Skirt, Levi Cutoff Jean Jacket (cutting done by Elaine herself), James "Buster" Douglas T-shirt purchased at Rag - O - Rama.
Where do you look for fashion inspiration - Favorites are Nylon Magazine and Topshop

Best piece of fashion related advice - "Be Honest"
Next fashion thing she's getting after - Everything 90's

Favorite Song of the Moment - Metric - Help I'm Alive