Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cloth Belts for Dudes

Dudes it getting warm outside. Time to break out your cloth belts and roll up your pants and shorts. I’ve got a couple of cloth belts. A plaid one and a navy blue one with crabs, the crabs are printed on the belt.
I’m looking for a new one. I might go preppy mcprepperson and get a striped one. Or maybe just a solid red.
I prefer the double d-ring ones
Here is a smattering of what is available.
Vineyard Vines has many different patterns and colors available.

These striped ones are from Ralph Lauren.

located here and here are some more traditional single color sweet cloth belts.
Like this red one

Cloth belts are much the same as any other fashion accessory. Don't go off the deep end and get a pink patterned belt to start, because you'll never wear it. Rather start with a basic pattern or a stripe and work your way up from there.
When you are getting ready for a clam bake or garden party remember to roll your pants and shorts up and add a sweet cloth belt.

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  1. I love cloth belts. i hate vineyard vines.

    BN, are these feelings reconcilable?