Monday, May 18, 2009

dude's H&M fall 09

I realize that I post of lot of H&M stuff. Well allow me to explain. I like to see my clothes before I buy them and I hate spending tons of money. Boom H&M is perfect for cheap, sweet, fashion forward clothes for dudes in Indianapolis. I was a little frustrated recently when I went to buy some stuff from the Matthew Williamson for H&M line. Both Indianapolis stores only got 50% of the second release and none of the first release. With no American Apparel I guess we're lucky to have even one H&M store. But commmmmme on. *and you can't buy H&M stuff online.
Lets look at the sweet stuff being released for the fall. Maybe Indianapolis can get some of it.
Awesome slim tie. I've been hunting at thrift stores and my father's closet for vintage slim ties. Best find so far - YSL 89 cent special at Value World Fountain Square.

Military Jackets for chicks are really cool. And this dude looks sweet too. Not sure if I could pull this off. But I might try.
Slim tie, matching sweater and scarf under a different looking suit = really sweet.
I like the flannel tie outside of the v-neck sweater. I might try this.

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  1. I am a huge fan of the gray suit with the pattern. I've also seen that style of pants in the last picture. I feel it looks like pajamas, but I'd like to check them out in person to make my final judgement.