Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Careful you might learn something

This week's installment of the On The Street with Bill Cunningham. Bill uses the heat wave in New York City to see the summer fashions that are soon to be in the city.

Brooks Brothers has complied an extensive Fashion Glossary.
Sure its just a dictionary but some of the answers made me say "well, how about that."
If you are having a bar debate about the definition of Jaspe. hit up the glossary and here is the answer.
-Term applied to a fabric with an arrangement of fine stripes formed by light, medium, and dark shades of a given color. It gives the appearance of a heather-twisted yarn. (duh)

Some of my favorites.
Cordovan - Leather from the hindquarters of the horse. It is non-porous, durable, resistant to scuffing, very expensive, and long-wearing.
Lambswool - The first fleece sheared from a lamb about 6-8 months old. It is a very fine quality, softly textured, but not as strong as fully developed wool of the same sheep.
Opera Pocket - Hidden pocket on the inside of a cummerbund for storage of opera tickets, etc.

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