Tuesday, September 29, 2009


my fake girlfriend mira is doing some modeling. whats the deal? i like her more as a street styler.

but this is sick. her short shorts with tights. jean shorts become exponentially cooler when you can see the pockets.

Monday, September 28, 2009

places B&N will be.

Tomorrow 9/29 at 3:30pm Luna Music 52nd and College for St. Vincent's free in store performance.

later in the evening she is opening for Andrew Bird at the Murat,

October 2nd jascha cd release party at radio radio. i've seen this sweet indy band 3 or 4 times. check out their myspace music. mokb interview.

October 3rd Port O'Brien is playing with Seawolf at radio radio. i'm a huge fan of Port O'Brien particularly this song. Woke Up Today.
check it out. it is a little old but what of it?
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Friday, September 25, 2009

too much? naaaaaaah

sometimes too much is too much. and sometimes too much is simply perfect. this awesome chick from london has acheived the latter.

from style sightings

from sart.
please listen to this song awesome london chick. "call me up. we'll hang out. i'm down for whatever"
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (ft Beth Ditto) Joker Remix
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

beard of the week.

beard of the week. stockholm street style.

i was going to make the beard of the week jookabox. i saw them last night. and two of the members are tremendously beardy. but they've had their time on B&N. check out their indianapolis based awesome band here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thom browne spring 2010. smorgasbord.

the B&N Nation knows how much i love Thom Browne his short pants and naked ankles have started a revolution.
here he is wearing a suit with short pants.

here is part of his lineup before his spring 2010 show.

ooooh man. i want to do this. but i'm afraid it would look like an accident. please ignore the tats.

black and blue

navy blue and black has been everywhere recently. and i'm all about it.

source - style sightings

source face hunter.

Friday, September 18, 2009


my eyes are talking to my brain and this editorial is pleasing.
craig mcdean for interview magazine. this spread is awesome. these three pictures are my favorites.
those nina ricci shoes are sick. i dont understand how they work. but what of it?

*i don't know what it is. but i seriously love this first picture. click to zoom.

source - fashion screen. full spread here. some of it is too racy for B&N.

kid cudi - pursuit of happiness.

Tell Me What You Know About Dreamin’ Dreamin’

this has been added to my soulful mix. cudi with ratatat on letterman. awesome.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

vampire weekend - contra.

most of the B&N nation knows that i hate popular music but cot damn vampire weekend is sweet. start the hype on the new album coming out in few months. here is a streaming live version of white sky. pretty awesome. even if it is going to be ridiculously popular.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lets party

lasts night party sweet scene style photo blog. sooooooo awesome. these three pictures are all from the same party. wow.
yeaaaaaaaa alice dellal.

alessandra is so hot she makes me sick.

check out the whole photo gallery from the sweet alexander wang party.

megan fox... i guess.

i've had these photos for awhile. but i resisted posting them because of megan fox. i really don't like her. she thinks she is soooooooo awesome. well i guess we have that in common. but still! she prances around all hot and is put in amazing fashion editorials. what do you expect me to do? what can i do? i have to post them. this is from wonderland magazine.
check out the gloves and bracelets together. soooooo sweet.

huge fan of bangles.

this gareth pugh slashed dress is seriously amazing. look at it!

band of outsiders

boy by band of outsiders is for dudes and chicks here are six of my favorite looks from the fashion show. spring 2010.
double breasted blazer = awesome. the casual way in which these uber preppy clothes are put together is simply perfect. 

source - style.com

Monday, September 14, 2009

bill cunningham and don draper.

a couple awesome videos about how to be awesome.
first. this week on the street from bill cunningham. he's at fashion week in nyc.
second. i've been watching a ton of mad men and i remembered this hilarious video from when jon hamm hosted snl.

white tees and leather jackets.

supermodel off duty uniform. lily donaldson and freja beha erichsen. chicks this is the way to look awesome.

from altamira.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


never thought this would happen at B&N. but here are two awesome videos created from alice in wonderland. seriously awesome. click play. i dare you.
this one is created by using sounds from the movie.

and this one is three six mafia rapping with the movements synched.

hercules and love affair

hercules and love affair. i have terrible news. h&la released a new album called sidetracked. but i cant find the complete version anywhere on the internet or even on itunes. whatever shall i do? go to record/album store????? noooooooo way.
here is the album artwork and a 20 minute sampler.
you can stream my favorite track below. siiiiiiiiick.
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you know it.

burgundy whaaaat?
check out this chick's shoes, watch and burgundy sweater. 
burgundy. yeaaaaaaaaa. sweet motorcycle jacket. those burgundy leggings and boots are awesome. 

from style sightings.

Friday, September 4, 2009

dickies 874s. flat front.

dickies are so awesome. i have a few pairs i wear all the time. my favorite are the standard khaki colored 874 work pants. they are a little rougher than standard chinos. but that is totally fine with me. also i still roll my pant legs and the 874s have sweet white stitching.

in addition to how awesome they look and feel. they are only $18.50, durable, and come in a totally sweet variety of colors. and lets chat for a moment - so many designers work with dickies - junya watanabe, comme des garcons, and alife workwear. but the 874s are available at walmart. dickies are awesome and accessible.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

pump the jam.

this editorial from numero tokyo october 2009 is awesome. the model is ali stephens and she looks soooooo awesome.
i really like what the dude is wearing too.

huge fan of these outfits. let me tell you why. i really like how slim and black ali looks in those pants. but if its cold enough to wear a hat. you might want to button/zip your jacket. the dude's casual sweater tie is what i'm all about.

she looks so beautiful here. while pumping up the jam on her novelty sized boombox.

source - tfs

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

rihanna. again? oooooh yeaaaaa.

couture to the extreme. this spread "extreme couture" is from vogue italia sept 2009. and it is awesome. i have posted rihanna several times, because she is sooooo awesome and a sweet crossover (as in she is a pop singer and featured in an editorial in vogue italia).

spats are so sweet.

grizzly bear + michael mcdonald.

hipsters are about to start loving michael mcdonald. he is on the b-side of the new grizzly bear single "while you wait for the others." 
get it here

its no "what a fool believes." but then again what is?  if "what a fool believes" was the bar for music listening i'd only have one song on my itunes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

band of outsiders fall 2009 lookbook

things that i like - wes anderson movies, naked ankles, boat shoes, and band of outsiders. this fall/winter 2009/2010 lookbook has it all. this stuff is totally sweet.