Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silk Scarves

After winter scarves are over I still want to cover my neck with something that looks awesome. 
Normally I don't like fringe. Fringe on dudes is eeeeeeeeehhhhh. But I think wearing a colorful scarf under a blazer is a totally sweet look. 


Hellllllloooooooooo Saturday.
Went to my favorite place for a nice hangover lunch today. Thought I should post my Top 8 most played songs on itunes.
the top one, passion pit sleepyhead is at 50 plays.... wait now 51.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Corduroy. yeaaaaaaa.

Bn'N Nation - Corduroy pants are back. Here is why and how.
1. I'm tired of wearing blue jeans.
2. Khaki pants are vegetable lasagna.
3. Grey pants look too much like dress pants.
4. Why Not?
A pair of khaki colored corduroy pants with a thin valley of cord are not only comfortable they look nice and different. Check these bad boys out from Levi's Japan. photo from hypebeast

Some things to watch out for: need a thin valley of cord, pockets need to be like jeans (on the top/not side), and other colors are sweet, but steer clear of dark brown.
roll up the pant legs a little bit
add some supersweet/classic topsiders

boom you've got yourself a sweet post-winter pre-spring pant/shoe combination.


Bn'N's tagline is ".... saving more lives than doctors" 
This is Bruno (from Ali G/upcoming Bruno movie) at a fashion show. The whole thing is hilarious but I'm referencing the conversation at 2:24 - 2:50 

Mateo's Corner: The All Star.

Guest Blogger Mateo pontificates about Chuck Taylors.
*this is not a picture of Mateo. 

The Converse All-Star, with its simple, economical design had a consistent fan base of kinda lame kids and kinda nerdy kids over the course of the last 20 years. That is, of course, until about 3 years ago when many started to realize that the simple, casual shoes made sense as an everyday wardrobe staple. A young hipster could wear their Chuck’s and look like she was not trying at all, yet still carried herself as being stylishly unencumbered by the need to wear shoes that were either more costly or more hip.

Somewhere along the line, our young hipster found that by bucking the trend, she was in fact making the trend.

I own a pair of ratty Chuck’s that I bought about two and a half years ago for $15 in DC’s Chinatown. I had them before a lot of people, so I got a lot of complements for about 3 months. People reveled in my irreverence to the need for fancier, trendier shoes. I reveled in their complements.

I feel that my Chuck’s offer a good summary of the state of the brand as a whole: they are ratty and worn, and ready to be retired.

Sacre Bleu It is Tony Par-ker.

This post is inspired by TP's 39 points 5 boards and 9 assists a couple nights ago. 

French music or simply JUSTICE and Yelle.  


Monster Scarves

Warmer weather means that I must hang up my big scarves. Don't worry little fellas you'll remain close to my heart. Lets look back at some sweet scarves. 
I love this chick's look. Found her on the Sartorialist and this scarf has all the makings of a legitimate quilt. Even though her frame is tiny she is able to wear this scarf sooooo well by tucking it into the belt on her coat. 
This freakin' stud was a candidate for beard of the week... but he's a nobody. 
Check out his awesome beard, long scarf, and pocket square. 
This chick is just messin' around. Look at her wearing track pants and high heels with a 15 foot scarf. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

RIght Here Right Now

Going to the Margot and Nuclear So and So's tonight at Radio Radio. This is what I'm listening to right now. 


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chicks.

ooooh man... she is stupid hot. Garance Dore, a sweet French fashion blog, always posts pictures of this same unbelievably stylish Russian chick. yeaaaaaaaaaaa chicks.
glasses = hot

I'm loving this chick's big watch and bracelets.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Siders

These dudes are from the Band of Outsiders RTW Fall 2009 Show. 
Check out the modified boat shoes. 

Thom Browne.

This guy is a stud. Look at the naked ankles... He is the designer of Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Line
Check out these sweet spring looks

Short Pants and No Socks.

I've decided to get after wearing short pants and rolled up jeans with no socks. Originally I was inspired by this picture I ran across posted on the Sartorialist in September. 

Short Mixtape #1 Don't click on any of the bullshit spam links. 
yea yea!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beard of the Week

Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes. 
These bearded gentlemen from Seattle are getting a lot of play time on my itunes recently. 
Here is the official video for the first single Mykonos