Friday, February 27, 2009

Corduroy. yeaaaaaaa.

Bn'N Nation - Corduroy pants are back. Here is why and how.
1. I'm tired of wearing blue jeans.
2. Khaki pants are vegetable lasagna.
3. Grey pants look too much like dress pants.
4. Why Not?
A pair of khaki colored corduroy pants with a thin valley of cord are not only comfortable they look nice and different. Check these bad boys out from Levi's Japan. photo from hypebeast

Some things to watch out for: need a thin valley of cord, pockets need to be like jeans (on the top/not side), and other colors are sweet, but steer clear of dark brown.
roll up the pant legs a little bit
add some supersweet/classic topsiders

boom you've got yourself a sweet post-winter pre-spring pant/shoe combination.


  1. dude, yea. welcome to a classic sweet shoe. I'd love to hear suggestions for a better shoe to go with these pants.
    Do you think you could change the tone of corduroys to make them more formal with a nicer shoe? or are they pigeonholed as casual pants?

  2. just sooo preppy. I don't think you try to dress up these cords. I think you intentionally make them the everyday pants that jeans are.

    I think i'd prefer a casual brown shoe in the same universe as boat shoes, but my grunge days just preclude me from wearing boat shoes.