Friday, February 27, 2009

Monster Scarves

Warmer weather means that I must hang up my big scarves. Don't worry little fellas you'll remain close to my heart. Lets look back at some sweet scarves. 
I love this chick's look. Found her on the Sartorialist and this scarf has all the makings of a legitimate quilt. Even though her frame is tiny she is able to wear this scarf sooooo well by tucking it into the belt on her coat. 
This freakin' stud was a candidate for beard of the week... but he's a nobody. 
Check out his awesome beard, long scarf, and pocket square. 
This chick is just messin' around. Look at her wearing track pants and high heels with a 15 foot scarf. 

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  1. The time stamp is set to pacific time. I posted this at 9am friday.