Friday, February 27, 2009

Mateo's Corner: The All Star.

Guest Blogger Mateo pontificates about Chuck Taylors.
*this is not a picture of Mateo. 

The Converse All-Star, with its simple, economical design had a consistent fan base of kinda lame kids and kinda nerdy kids over the course of the last 20 years. That is, of course, until about 3 years ago when many started to realize that the simple, casual shoes made sense as an everyday wardrobe staple. A young hipster could wear their Chuck’s and look like she was not trying at all, yet still carried herself as being stylishly unencumbered by the need to wear shoes that were either more costly or more hip.

Somewhere along the line, our young hipster found that by bucking the trend, she was in fact making the trend.

I own a pair of ratty Chuck’s that I bought about two and a half years ago for $15 in DC’s Chinatown. I had them before a lot of people, so I got a lot of complements for about 3 months. People reveled in my irreverence to the need for fancier, trendier shoes. I reveled in their complements.

I feel that my Chuck’s offer a good summary of the state of the brand as a whole: they are ratty and worn, and ready to be retired.


  1. Yo,

    Where's da love for da V neck sweater? What about da V neck T-shirt?? Wassup with no respect fo the sickest style since cats stopped wearin them long pointy-toed french kicks??

  2. V Neck sweaters are sweet. you are correct. I want to magically change all of the sweaters I own to either slightly too deep v-necks, cardigans, or far too large necked turtles.