Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gender Inequality

lets talk about it. As I've already posted twice... Matthew Williamson for H&M is being released tomorrow.
I'll probably swing by the north side H&M to pick up a scarf. But here is what is not fair, the chicks stuff looks totally awesome. And the dudes, well... leaves quite a bit to be desired.
Check it out for yourself here.
I like the sunglasses, jacket and scarf here. The nuthugging bathing suit is toooooooo much.
What in the world is this? A studded fake leather jacket and striped linen pants? Whaaaaaaaat?
Again, I like the scarf but the graphic tee is silly. And those green pants are totally studded. Seriously who would wear those? 
and look at these "suits." 

cred- hypebeast
The chicks line is full of totally awesome appropriate attire. This is not the case for dudes. 


  1. come on - if you're going to have ridiculous shorts, you have to make them much, MUCH shorter than those.


  2. I feel like the conversation went something like this:

    H&M: Hey, these chicks clothes look really great, do you think you could make a mens line also?
    MW: Sure, how much time do I have?
    H&M: 7 minutes
    MW: Yeah, Why not?