Monday, May 11, 2009


Lets talk about Burberry. Founded in London in 1856 specializing in outdoor gear. In 1880, Burberry patented Gabardine. And the iconic check pattern was started in 1920 as a lining for trenchcoats.
The Burberry Check almost ruined the brand like Michelob Ultra ruined the Michelob family of beers. The check and novacheck patterns are soooo freaking tired. I'm so over them, you see them everywhere. They try to hide it in pieces, but I see it I seeeeeee it.
I ran across this new line of Burberry available in Japan. Seriously this stuff looks freaking awesome.
Burberry Black Label S/S 09 ad campaign.  Check out the suits, slim ties and awesome trenchcoats... and the check is nowhere to be found.

*ok so I lied. you can see a little plaid pattern in this skirt. 

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