Tuesday, May 19, 2009

anna wintour

Every Sunday I dvr 60 minutes and watch intently, but I've been pretty busy recently. So I just caught up with my dvr box today.
Morley Safer interviewed Anna Wintour. She is the editor of American Vogue. The preeminent fashion magazine in the world. I like Paris Vogue too but my french isnt up to snuff. Morley focused the piece on two things, one she is very important to the entire fashion industry and two, she is a huge bitch.
So check it out... Anna on 60 minutes.

*resized from kanye's blog


  1. Fun Fact: She is also known for being the inspiration for the "Devil Wears Prada" Miranda character.

  2. Harold, did you watch the video and then come to this conclusion? i'd guess not.

  3. that woman will eat your soul.