Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jhorts for Chicks

I'm not prepared to provide a ironclad argument that is pro jhorts. But I want to get the B&N Nation pumped up for the possibilities of jhorts for this summer. I firmly believe that shorter = better. And if you can see the pockets hanging down... oooooooooooooh man.
I think they should be tastefully torn up. About to the extent you feel comfortable wearing them.
Here is Alessandra Ambrosio partying at Coachella. Check out her studded sweet jean shorts.

This is from the Bleach Black chick who works for RVCA, I think. She DIY'd these cutoffs. and they look reaaaaal sweet. and here is how she did it.

Every chick should buy a pair just like these. You guys are probably like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa right B&N, these look like a million bucks and are only available in speciality boutiques in Paris. Don't you worry Nation, these jhorts are available in every mall in America at American Eagle. You roll these jean shorts up to show off the pockets and everyone will think you're really something.

I've talked about jean shorts in the past here, when my girlfriend Mira was at the beach. And when Taylor Warren looked amazing wearing jhorts and tights.


  1. Does Allesandra have her pockets poking through the rips in her shorts? If so, thats the most dangerous thing I've ever seen, next to those crazy haircuts in a previous post.

  2. the gorgeous oneMay 7, 2009 at 8:43 PM

    given that this is a naptown fashion blog, it is only natural that you devote some time to jhorts. it would be more appropriate, however, if you featured dudes in jhorts, because they are ubiquitous in indy come summertime.

  3. I love the black shorts!! Could you email me the brand and name & a URL link??? :) Thank-you so much! love your blog!

  4. i love your clothes but there really exspansaze i mostly love your jean shorts love ya