Friday, July 17, 2009

Street Style!

D.H. Strother

*you might recognize D.H. from the ripple bagel deli.
Describe what you are wearing - Jeans and a Hoodie. H&M hooded sweatshirt given to him by a friend adorned with Punk Band Patches and Buttons. Vans and Wayfarers.
Where do you go for fashion advice? - umm nowhere but i guess peers
What about awesome fashion website? - What? fashion website are lame.
Best advice you've ever given - Get it where you can.
Next big thing in fashion - Overalls.
Where can you find an awesome dude such as D.H.? well he's putting on a concert tonight at the 1511 house. Located funny enough at 1511 east 49th street. B&N will be in attendance.

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