Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lanvin dudes spring 2010.

check out these sweet looks
Suit with a visor? why not.  sweet suit. 
i like the casualness of the knot. tiny and down from the collar. very different than most men would feel comfortable with. the pencil thin mustache must have been inspired by John Dillinger, don't think i know many individuals who could seriously pull this off.

casually wearing dress pants and tie. very awesome look. I like the pushed up sleeves of the sweater and the rolled up dress shirt sleeves over the top. you need to watch out. i did this with some of my favorite sweaters and now the arms are all puffy. so try this look with a sweater you dont really care about. 

again i'm not sure about the visor. but still love the details in the tie. tiny knot and off center. this was not a mistake. 
sandals with socks and a suit? well how about that. 

sources - men.style and wwd.

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