Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This picture is straight from the Sartorialist.
The Sartorialist is the godfather of the modern fashion blog. I was certainly inspired by his awesome pictures. My one reservation with him is that he very rarely posts what he thinks about a certain outfit, or what caught his eye.

You have to read the comments to get past the "Simone at Sunset, Florence"
come to find out this guy owns a tie shop in Florence named "tie your tie." things that stick out in my mind that I don't particularly like in this picture are the length of his tie, especially the backside; his three button suit; and his clip braces (suspenders).
I do appreciate his button cuff and pocket square.
But then it occurred to me. This guy is so far ahead of the game I can't critique him. he owns a tie shop in florence. he knows what is up better than i can ever hope to know.
maybe these choices aren't appealing to me, but B&N will just have to trust him.

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  1. He's definitely winning in the facial hair stakes!