Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Undercuts All Around

I've written about dangerous looking chicks like Alice Dellal. She blazed the totally sweet undercut trail. The look has now gone somewhat mainstream you guys might be familar with Cassie. She is an R&B singer and Diddy's girlfriend.
You'll recognize this song...
She's got a fresh new hairdo. And it looks awesome!
Old Haircut - she looks adorable.

But now.... whoa sooooooooo hot.

Sweet undercut picture for free - Check out her two-tone sunglasses.

**found this picture at John Rain, untagged. But it turns out this is the awesome chick from Dirty Flaws. check out her sweet blog here.


  1. I'm trying to convince a friend to do this. sooo hot.

  2. Don't forget the original undercut, the lead singer from Bow Wow Wow (famous for "I Want Candy"):