Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spread Collars, what of them?

I'm in the mood to spread the blog out. So lets talk about some spread collars on dudes
I only have a couple spread collar shirts, but whenever I wear them I feel totally sweet. I've chosen to only use Brooks Brothers shirts to display the different collars that are readily available to every man.

Ainsley Collar, this seems like the standard in non button down collars.

a little wider - Tennis Collar.

a legit spread Hamilton Collar

what most people think of as a spread collar - English Collar

shorter version of English Collar - Londoner Collar. I don't traditionally like white collars on dress shirts but the white really illuminates the awesomeness of this collar shape.

out of control round collar - Golf Collar

Again all of these shirts are available at Brooks Brothers and would provide dudes with sweet alternatives to typical button down and non-spread collars. My favorite is the English Collar, because it is certainly different but not completely out of control. I only tie a four-in-hand, because I think its causal and shows more character than other knots. While my normal knot is thin, when wearing a spread collar, you should tie a fatter knot. Whether that be a bigger four-in-hand or maybe a double windsor. Explore different collars when buying your next dress shirt.


  1. English collar is great. It looks crazy in the picture, but it actually sits up a little on the neck and doesn't fall parallel to the shoulders at all.

    Also - spread collars look better when you have a blazer on over them.

  2. I don't understand why anybody would tie anything other than a double windsor. Anything else looks trashy.

  3. anything other a double windsor looks trashy? hilarious.
    check out a suitable wardrobe's take on the situation

  4. by the way this is a bunch of crap you cant post links in comments.

  5. I like spread collars because they're easier to flip up.

  6. Brooks brothers shirts fit for old men with pot bellies. Even their "slim fit" is about 5" too wide around the mid section to look good on me.

    The vast majority of men's dress shirts are just like this, though. When you buy dress shirts, really make sure that what you're getting is something that fits you beyond just neck size/arm length.

  7. i think you're either emaciated or you like suffocating dress shirts. Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts do the trick for me and I certainly don't have a pot belly. Maybe my body is just perfectly proportional to my neck and arm length.