Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Le Smoking YSL

Back in the days of Mad Men (1962), this is what chicks wore to work.

They didn't even know what a suit was and didn't even think about wearing dudes clothes to exude power in the workplace. That all changed in 1966 when Yves Saint Laurent and his partner in real life and fashion Pierre Berge introduced the Le Smoking Suit.
Here it is in the iconic photograph by Helmut Newton.

This awesome image of a woman wearing men's clothes changed women's fashion forever. Some may say this chick just looks like a dude, but that isn't fair, the photograph certainly portrays the subject as androgynous but you can't go halfway when you are trying to make chicks in dudes clothes fashionable. From this one look, Yves Saint Laurent was said to empower women to wear clothing traditionally associated with men of influence and power. Now women's power suits are common place.
And its sweet look has stood the test of time. I commented on a woman's suit here.
Here are some of my favorite fall 2009 takes on suits.

Nina Ricci

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  1. Phyllis SchlaflyApril 1, 2009 at 7:04 PM

    Is this post from guest blogger Hillary Rodham Clinton?