Friday, April 10, 2009

Loewe Sexy Bellhop Hats.

I'm going to start a hotel and these will be the uniforms for the sexy bellhops.
But I imagine that all the dudes checking into the hotel would feel bad if the sexy bellhops had to carry their luggage.
So bascially it would be a hotel were you'd carry your own luggage and sexy bellhops would point you in the right direction.

*check out this hat on Victoria Beckham.
But seriously these hats look pretty darn sweet. I'm not sure if they're porter or military inspired hats. Whatever they are... totally awesome. Here are a few versions from the Spanish fashion house Loewe.

*Here is an awesome look from a Chanel ad - this type of hat, big bracelets, and skinny zip hem jeans.

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  1. oh baby - you can take my bags any time you'd like.