Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicks Skinny Zip Jeans.

Whats up? Chicks Skinny Jeans with zippers on the hems is whats up.

From Knight Cat.
You might think these three look a little crazy. Well I agree, they look sweet but are a bit much especially for Indianapolis. Check out the Olsen Twins. They are models for this awesome style. Here they are looking all sweet with a few different pairs (more appropriate for street wear).

Ashley must read B&N. Ray Ban's, Big Scarf, and now zipped jeans. Ohhhhh man she looks great.
From Olsen's Anonymous

you chicks should check out these skinny zip jeans. Or these. Or these.


  1. oddly enough, i like it. tho perhaps now i must lose 80 lbs to be the size of MK&A...ill work on it.

  2. Holy hell I love those top jeans! Any idea where I could buy them??