Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Socks? Stinky Feet? No Problem!

Hey B&N nation, I’ve posted about rolled up pants and naked ankles.
You may think this is impossible because your stinky feet would ruin your shoes. Well I’m here to fill you in on a secret.
Cutting socks to fit into shoes or buying loafer socks available at Banana Republic will prevent your shoes from stinking while providing you with the naked ankles you so desire. The loafer socks at Banana Republic seem kinda lame and tall for my tastes.

So I prefer to take some short athletic socks, simply trace around the hole of my shoe, and cut them. You want to cut them a bit smaller than you'd think, that way no white will show, but you must leave enough sock material to reach around your heel to hold them in place. Start with old socks that you don't care about.
And always remember you can cut more off, but you can't put any back on, so err on the side of leaving too much material. It is certainly a learned process. I started cutting my socks the summer before my senior year in college and mastered the art with 3 years of practice.
You might think they’ll get gross or fall apart. But after every use throw them in the wash with everything else. You’ll see… you’ll see.

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  1. I'll have you know I'm a founding member of CFSR (Coalition For Socks' Rights) and what your advocating is in clear violation of clause VI, Section 3, Paragraph 7 of the Geneva Convention. Said paragraph states "the right of any sock(s), domestic or foreign, has the right to live out its natural life unaltered by the brutality or ignorance due to whoring after the false gods of fashion." You'll be recieving a letter, a very angry letter, from the ASLU.