Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pendleton plaids. awesome.

as the B&N Nation is well aware. I love going to thrift stores. I've been buying flannel shirts by the truckload. I get excited when i see Pendleton shirts/sweaters. high quality stuff that looks totally sweet. my favorite shirt/jacket thing is available on ebay here. while i normally wear a medium shirt i've been wearing a large and wearing a shirt and tie underneath it. this one is a medium i might get after it. i got mine for $1.90. but i'd pay upwards of 20 bucks for it. paying 20 bucks for a vintage shirt... big time.
speaking of awesome pendleton stuff. opening ceremony's pendleton line is now onsale here.
sick wool vest.

awesome pieced together flannel shirt.

these pieces are from the fall/winter collection.
here is the upcoming line from pendleton for opening cermony.
i love wearing plaid patterns that dont match.
plaid short suit. siccccccccck. 
sweet plaids for dudes and chicks. 


  1. NOT A FAN. Plaid sucks! I hope this fad passes more quickly than the early '90's!

  2. you cannot be serial. plaid is soooooo siccccckkkk. this kind of plaid is very different than the grunge, early nineties stuff. long live tartan!

  3. It's worse. It's like the plaid you would find at kmart. The colors in the plaid clash and look like puke.