Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What of it?

This chick is totally saying, "What of it? I know my glasses are huge. I'm awesome."

The B&N nation knows how much I love hilariously huge nerd glasses. Check out these nerd glasses from American Apparel.

The glasses/sunglasses descriptions from American Apparel's online store always crack me up.
The Fabian Eyeglass- "These glasses are the difference between a nerd who sits alone in his bedroom harboring resentment toward the rest of the world and a nerd who takes off all his clothes at a house party and tells a cop to go f*** himself. The choice is yours."


  1. it's time for you to open that aa store in indy for me.

  2. hey where can I buy this glasses "fabian glasses"?
    is there for men?