Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Military Jackets and Leather Pants.

I've wanted to talk about both of these things for a while. And yesterday Jak & Jil posted this picture of a chick wearing both very well, color me inspired.

This Military Jacket is from Balmain's Spring 2009 collection.

I'm totally into this look, the bigger but not too big shoulders. The jacket looks refined and dangerous at the same time.
Lets talk about leather pants, I haven't seen too many in person, but when I have seen them. The chicks have been walking a fine line between skanky and hot. They are certainly not for everyone, but can look totally awesome. More to come later.
*this chick's overall look is just great. Leather Pants and Military Jackets are made to be worn like this.
**make sure to take note of her big gold watch.

For those of you that are Flight of the Conchord fans, here is a hilarious song from Sunday's episode.
For those of you not familiar with FOTC, this video will appear weird and not funny.

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  1. here is a different view of the awesome Balmain jacket.