Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bill Cunningham from New York Times.

This old guy, Bill Cunningham, is a photographer for the New York Times. He focuses on trends in everyday fashion. Posting pictures of people around New York City and commenting on them.  I really enjoy these social/fashion commentaries from a guy that has been in the business for 50 years. 
The videos are usually 2-3 minutes long. 
This week's installment is titled A Dash of Color .  Mr. Cunningham put in a few questionable pictures this week, but his overall point is that a dash of color in a person's fashion can break the monotony of bleak days. 
He concludes this post with "be daring [take chances such as] putting on some outrageous shoes, two different color stockings to lift up your spirits and get on the road." 
Last week was Grey Days. One that I particularly enjoyed because it was about the use of greys during New York's Fashion Week. 
If this isnt enough for you, check out his archive. 

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  1. I always love Bill's columns. I especially when he is in Paris oogling some sweet new fashion trend worn by beautiful Parisian women. It's not creepy at all. He's like grandpa who happens to know fashion.