Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tie length. top of the belt buckle?

this is alexander wang and dree hemingway. she looks cool (but with a touch of freakishly skinny) as always, what of it? look at her dangerous looking shoes and awesome wang dress. but lets talk about what he is wearing.
the shorts suit looks great. so does the plain white dress shirt and slim black tie. and the B&N Nation knows how much I love dress shoes with no socks. but lets talk about the tie length. this is clearly on purpose. this would be very tough to pull off right now, because everyone that sees you would think "what did that idiot just learn how to tie a tie?"
something to think about but if you're not a fashion expert or designer very tough to mess around with the length of ties.

*alexander won the CDFA Emerging Talent Award last night. whatever that means. and his collaboration with Gap hit stores today.


  1. BN: to wear dress shorts, must I shave my legs like Alexander?

  2. no way bro. i'm president of the hairy leg club. i wear my leg sweaters with pride.