Monday, June 8, 2009

identity street wear.

yeaaaaaaaaaaaa indianapolis chicks
some chicks from indy closed tantrum, a boutique on mass ave. But don't worry.
they've started an online clothing shop. at Identity Street Wear.

check these chicks out and support a local business.
the dude's stuff is very nice and for the limited amount of pieces. they have provided a sweet variety.
here are some sweet pants.

they are a little expensive for my taste. but i very much appreciate the rolled up chinos look.

In addition to the dude's stuff. they have a more extensive chick's collection.
huge fan of this unisex off-center zip jacket. not a fan of her giving the B&N Nation the finger.

chicks - you can't go wrong with any of the skirts they have here.
huge fan of these leggings... but they are not for everyone.

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