Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lets talk about Acne and Lanvin.
currently I'm a sucker for all things Swedish. Ikea, H&M, Caroline's Blog, and Acne. Acne started in 1996 with 100 pairs of red stitched unisex jeans. They have since exploded with stores in many countries and awesome clothing. and even publishes a paper here is a sample in slideshow form.

Lanvin is one of the sweetest french fashion houses. founded in 1920, this house has a tradition of quality, especially the chicks stuff. Alber Elbaz is the visionary who designs the chick's line.
Recently he teamed up with Acne to produce some sweet denim stuff.
here are some of my favorites.
The jumper thing is totally awesome.

available in white and blue for the low low price of $890 USD.

Now I don't expect every chick to go spend that much dough on a denim jumper. But lets get you guys inspired.
check out the other pieces in this line... beautiful pieces.
The dude's stuff is of course more subdued. However it gives me a chance to introduce Japanese Denim to the B&N Nation. More to come later...

this is what $665 jeans look like. just awesome.

I almost bought a shirt similar to this at H&M but I was worried that it looked too much like a dockworker's shirt. I should have gotten it because pairing navy blue and black is totally sweet.

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