Monday, November 16, 2009

my new suit.

i found this gem at value world on the east side. same place i found a brioni polo shirt. lets talk about it.
there is a little more blue in the fabric than shows up in the pictures. the jacket was listed as a 38, fit great at the store. the pants were 32x29 with quite a bit of fabric left on the hem. but with a no-try-on policy at value world i had to take a 12 dollar gamble. totally paid off!

here is some perspective on the suit. two button flat front pants. tailored at L. Strauss, the upscale of upscale men's stores in indianapolis, closed in the 1980s.

lanvin is sooooooo awesome and i'm so lucky that i was able to find such an awesome suit. thought i'd share a thrift store find with the B&N Nation.

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  1. Whoa! It looks really good. You're really lucky that you are able to get this. Now all you need is the right tie for it and it will be perfect.