Tuesday, November 24, 2009

basement jaxx emalkay

as much of the B&N Nation knows. i was in chicago earlier this month for the Basement Jaxx/ MSTRKRFT concert. it was too good, too much. we had a discussion on the way home about the best concerts i've seen. that was definitely up there and thinking about it more i can say it was probably the best.
this is the first of photo i've posted of myself. and it is very low quality but i love what it represents. MSTRKRFT came on after basement jaxx and this is me scratching my head at the start of the second act. i couldnt believe what i had just seen.

i'm wearing a 3 dollar double breasted blazer, burberry checked shirt, hardwood classics pacers hat, and matthew williamson for h&m scarf.
here is the track they boomed. it is from EMALKAY a dubstep producer from the UK. i love burial and this guy is also awesome.

100% credit for this post is Harry Henderson. He took the photo and found the SIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCK track.

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