Monday, November 16, 2009

monday grab bag.

time to increase blog output.

here are some interesting things.
On the Street with Bill Cunningham. he talks about all the chicks wearing black and white for autumn in new york.

the famous alexander mcqueen shoes being worn in public by daphne guinness. if you guys dont know her, no big deal she is like 40 years old. and amazing, seriously. heiress, divorcee of some rich dude, she's got it all. google her if you dont believe me. here is a lookbook of her.
here are more pictures of daphne in mcqueen from bryanboy.

lady gaga and beyonce on video phone. sicccccccccck video. check it out.

at one point beyonce is wearing these awesome margiela incognito sunglasses. that you've already heard about on B&N.

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