Friday, February 5, 2010


another post featuring emmy from urbandelicious.
the gang headed to the alley cat. first of two posts. awesome bar. awesome photos. speaking of awesome alley cat stuff.
here is a track that could apply to this post. Hot Chip - Alley Cats.
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emmy said: at this point, it seems that all we like to do is enthusiastically hang out in grungy alleys, but that is not the case at all. we sometimes hang out in equally fabulous grungy alley bars, like the alley cat, which is where we were headed for these pictures. sure getting sick of winter, but i was glad that i was able to use my extra large collar (or is it more appropriately called a turtleneck? or is it just a neck?...still have yet to figure it out) as a functioning hood. and even though it is the middle of winter, i had to wear my most favorite open toe shoes, which did nothing to stop my ankles from enjoying the breeze that seeped in through the zips on my pants. somehow the walk was worth it.....gotta love the lounge.
-pants topshop, sweater and shoes bebe, jacket express, clutch banana republic, rings bcbg, forever 21, and vintage-

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