Monday, June 28, 2010

the most awesome thing.

that i've found at a thrift store. i was in chicago about a month ago. got HAMMERED on saturday night, went to the beach on sunday, and got all hung over and sweaty. then i drove to a terrible neighborhood with some thrift shops. was having a tough day of thrifting and then i found this! the first picture is not mine... but the second one is... yea thats right. its a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Stripe Pique Polo new with the tags on.

the craziest thing about this shirt is the original price tag is $160. a similar one is offered by bbbf here. price is $125 with a sale price of $93. what gives?


  1. Staying out til 7am was legen...wait for it. i mean, seriously, it should not have been possible to drink that much in one night...dary.