Thursday, April 8, 2010

carhartt streetwear

my dad is apparently the best dressed man in america. staples in his wardrobe are bucks (post later today), redwings, and carhartt. he tries to buy me carhartt stuff all the time but there is just too much fabric through the midsection and the jeans fit... well like an old man's pair of pants.
having said that i do have a few carhartt t-shirts, two sock hats, and a flannel shirt that i do enjoy.

this streetwear line interests me for a few reasons. 1. i love the carhartt brand. 2. the term streetwear and the euro fits would be very appealing to dudes with my body type. 3. i'm all about denim, chambray, and oxford cloth shirts this season.

photo from slamxhype.

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  1. carhartt is actually fashionable to wear on the streets of paris. I'm not sure if carhartt sold their trademark to another maker of clothes in France or what, but I was nonplussed when I saw some hip dude wearing a pair of non-farmlike carhartt gloves in Paris this January.