Tuesday, October 6, 2009


this chick is awesome. i mean AWESOME. lets talk about it. her rings and bracelet combo are freaking sick. they are Loree Rodkin and each worth at least 20K. so i started to think no way this chick is just strolling around with at least 80K on her right hand. i figured it out. i think this is actually Loree Rodkin.
She is soooooo sweet. look she is actually wearing a balmain cape. A CAPE.

*click to zoom.
I'll say something now. this is from style sightings. i admittedly steal 99% of my photos from other sources, credit where credit it due. style sightings is less posed than someone like the sart or garance dore. but come on this is too much. i'm so over cell phones.

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